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Our Valued Clients: A Driving Force for 316 Bulk Fuel Terminal

At 316 Bulk Fuel Terminal, we understand that our clients are the backbone of our business. They are not just customers; they are partners who inspire us to continuously raise the bar. One such remarkable client that we proudly serve is Whirlstone Enterprises, a fuel depot located in Harare, Zimbabwe, and owned by the visionary Herbert Manzvimbo.

Whirlstone Enterprises and the Power of Partnership

Whirlstone Enterprises, under the able leadership of Mr. Herbert Manzvimbo, has been a key client of 316 Bulk Fuel Terminal for years. Their fuel depot in Harare, Zimbabwe, stands as a testament to their commitment to providing quality fuel products to their local community. We are proud to supply them with the bulk fuel and lubricant commodities that they need to fuel their success.


Our partnership with clients like Whirlstone Enterprises reinforces our dedication to delivering not just fuel products but also innovative solutions that enhance their operations and satisfy their customer value chains. It's a relationship built on trust,  reliability, and the pursuit of excellence.

Extending Our Vision: Fueling Africa's Future

At 316 Bulk Fuel Terminal, our commitment goes beyond serving individual clients. We have a vision, and that is to serve the entire African continent. Whirlstone Enterprises is just one example of the many clients who inspire us to expand our reach. We are passionate about meeting the fuel product needs of businesses and communities throughout Africa.

Our aspiration is to extend our influence to every corner of the continent, setting the standard for petroleum wholesaling not only in South Africa but across all African countries. We believe that by doing so, we can contribute to economic growth, sustainability, and prosperity across the continent.

Join Our Journey

As we continue to grow and serve clients like Whirlstone Enterprises, we invite you to join our journey. At 316 Bulk Fuel Terminal, we are more than a fuel supplier; we are a partner in your success. Whether you're a client in Harare, Zimbabwe, or anywhere else in Africa, we are here to fuel your future.

Together, we can drive progress, inspire innovation, and power the continent. Join us as we fulfill our mission to prioritize safety, effective communication, strategic account management, diversity, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. Together, we can foster innovation, safety, and customer satisfaction within the petroleum industry.


As we look ahead, we're excited to be a part of Africa's growth story, and we look forward to serving you and expanding our influence across the entire continent. With clients like Whirlstone Enterprises as our inspiration, the future looks promising and full of potential.

Let's Partner Together